Vacation destinations in Borneo that not to be missed

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Touching on tourist destinations in Kalimantan, your mind may be directly fixed on the exotic island Derawan. Can not be denied, Derawan is indeed excerpts heaven. The beauty of the beaches and underwater gardens difficulty expressed by the words, making it a jewel for the island of Borneo, make anyone want to set foot there.
In fact, the beauty of Borneo Derawan not only limited to just, you know. There are still many amazing places very worthy for you to explore. Intrigued by the exoticism hidden on the island of Borneo?
1. If you are required to Borneo to Sentarum lake, lake ‘magic’ in the heart of Borneo.
There is a special uniqueness that you can find while visiting Lake Sentarum. The lake is located in Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan, this is not an ordinary lake. During the rainy season, the lake looks like a body of water that soaked forest. But, try to come in the dry season, you’ll never find lakes, forests and fields but with a little water like puddles.
Yes, the lake is a seasonal lake Sentarum. Flanked by mountains, the lake is a major source for the Kapuas river water flow. Because of its role as a giant lebung lebak very vital to the survival of wild animals and humans, the place is declared a protected national park.
If you confess adventurous, love it if miss a visit to the lake is the time to stop by in West Kalimantan. In the rainy season arrives and the lake is rising water, you can explore the lake by boat owned by local residents. If you were not looking at the trees was enough to refresh the view.
2. Sunset Beach Melawai also should not be missed. This is the most beautiful way of watching the sun Balikpapan
If the view of its geographical position facing toward the East, it seems difficult to find a spot to view the sunset in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. But, assuming it will be broken after you visit Melawai beach is not far from the city center. The position of the beach is in a small bay making it as the location of the best sunset view in Balikpapan.
To get to this beach, you only need to take a 5 minute drive from the city center. In addition to its sunset views of the slick, you can also see the carrier vessels milling Semayang port. There is also a Pig Island who can go by foot at low tide. When it was dark, glowing view of the flare gas from oil refinery chimney will accompany the hubbub of the cafes on this beach.
3. Come to Tanjung Puting to feed the orang utan funny. Love and affection not only be given to fellow human beings, right?
Because of deforestation, the survival of orangutans in Borneo increasingly threatened. Fortunately, there is a conservation area that is home to those at Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Kalimantan. This vast wilderness sanctuary for orangutans eventually become endangered and various other animals.
Together ranger, into the jungle to meet with orangutan is an experience that awaited. You can see the orangutans that marvelous hanging out while she ate the food provided officers rangers. Some are trained to be more friendly with humans, you know. So, do not be surprised if suddenly there orangutans are toward you.