Where Must You Visit When Traveling The Globe?

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Traveling the world is something that everyone should try during their life time. While you can experience Traveling vicariously through the internet, it really doesn’t compare to the experience of actually being there and seeing for yourself just how amazing our world is. If you ever decide to take the plunge for yourself and travel, here are a few places that you definitely shouldn’t neglect on your journey :

Traveling the world


When it comes to natural wonders, Iceland is anything but lacking. From glaciers to active volcanos, almost every corner you turn will show you something amazing. The waterfalls and geysers in particular are an incredible sight to see. Two that you absolutely must see are Gulfoss, a glacier fed waterfall that pours into a rack canyon that’s almost 300ft deep, and the awe inspiring Dynjandi, which falls 100meters into 6 smaller waterfalls. There are tours that lead up to these waterfalls, or you can take a hike and see the land for yourself. If you can’t stay for long, then a tour of the Golden Circle will give you views of amazing landmarks in a short space of time. Photograph erupting geysers, Icelandic horses, and snowy plains.

Machu Picchu

This particular destination is about a lot more than just pretty scenery. Getting to this place is an achievement to be proud of and the Inca Trail has been on people’s bucket lists for a long time. During four days of hiking you’ll pass over high peaks in the clouds, through forests and past ancient ruins, surviving altitudes as high as 4200m. While the trek itself isn’t incredibly challenging, it takes a lot of stamina and willpower. When you reach Machu Picchu finally the experience will be so much more enriching than it would have been if you’d gotten into the back of a tour bus to see it. You can look out on colossal green valleys and walk amongst15th century Inca ruins.

Salar De Uyuni

In Bolivia you will find the world’s largest salt flat that spans over 4,000 square miles and it is one of the most incredible sights that planet Earth has to offer. On blue skied days, it looks like you’re walking on air and the mountains beyond are hanging in the sky. On rainy days you’ll barely able to tell where the horizon ends and the sky begins. This might be one of the most serene places on Earth, bordering on almost spiritual in its peacefulness.

Antelope Canyon

You’ll find some incredible natural wonders all over America, but one in particular that leaves tourists breathless is the Antelope Canyon in Arizona. You wouldn’t believe that the photographs of it are real until you saw it for yourself. Millions of years of erosion have turned these rocks into marvels of nature. There are two sections to this slot canyon: the upper and the lower. Both are incredible and the winding rocks hardly seem solid when the light hits them at the right angle. The lower canyon in particular, although a bit tighter and longer, is perfect to photograph. While the upper canyon has the most tourist visitors, the lower canyon can be intensely quiet and gives you a more raw experience. The long climb out when it get to the end is definitely worth it.

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