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Tips for Passing the CIA Exam

How ready are you to pass the CIA exam? It is quite a feat to pass the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam, and candidates that have passed on their first try insist that preparations are very important.

If you’re studying for the CIA exam, here are tips that can help you pass:

Become Familiar With the Exam

The CIA exam is split into three parts. Every section has between 100 and 125 multiple choice questions, and you’re required to answer them in two and half hours. Many exam candidates claim that the third component is the trickiest because it has conceptual problems that are more difficult to figure out. If you have a deep understanding of the entire examination design, you’ll be able to come up with the right study formula.

Make Time for Studying

Certainly, you realize that you have to set aside sufficient time to study so that you’re ready by a specific date, but the real difference stems from how you organize your study time. It will be easier for you to comprehend and remember information learnt gradually over time rather than attempt to absorb it all at the same time at the last minute.

To gain the upper hand, start by setting aside study time in your daily schedule, and follow the study schedule religiously, avoiding all likely distractions and focusing on just studies. The CIA test is not for crammers because it includes lots of questions that probe your capability for logical thinking and analysis rather just memorization of facts. So, take your time, study difficult concepts little by little, and don’t waste your time trying to memorize anything you do not understand.

Look for Useful CIA Exam Resources

There are many tools you can utilize in preparation for the CIA exam. For example, you may find CIA review courses designed to help familiarize you with the very nature of the exam. The most trusted resources provide thousands of sample CIA questions that are usually covered in the exam.

Understand the Concept of Answer by Elimination

Because the CIA is a multiple choice exam, there’s always a right answer among the choices offered. This is why you should never skip any question unanswered even if it is very difficult to understand.

If you’ve tried to answer a question using other methods but failed to get an answer, try the elimination method. Through elimination, identify the answer that’s obviously incorrect. Also, there’s a chance of an answer that’s factually right, but contextually immaterial, and it also should be eliminated.

Without using CIA resources to get ready, passing the test will be hard. The above guidelines can help you pass the CIA exam.
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